Character Generation Notes

Here’s a couple of notes about character creation that do deviate slightly from the normal character generation.

1) 300 BP (not 400). This is to prevent you guys from being near top tier runners right from the get go while still allowing you to be effective/dangerous.

2) Equipment with an availability number above 12, with an R, or F on it? Email/ask me first before purchasing. Anything 12 or below without the R/F bits are fair game at the stated book prices.

3) No more than 150 BP on attributes. This is to keep you guys from putting all your eggs into just your stats.

4) You’re allowed to take up to 30 BP worth of qualities. So up to 30 BP of positive qualities and/or 30 BP of negative qualities. I’d keep in mind that some of the high BP negatives can be utterly character crippling when triggered.

5) If you’re not sure about something. Please ask. Whether it is if I’ll allow something or if you’re confused/curious.

6) If you guys want to have an online copy or a editable document version of your character sheet. You can head over to and set one up that way. Additionally, you should be able to enter in details of your characters here in the character tab. I admit I’m not sure how well it’ll support shadowrun.

Character Generation Notes

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