The Great and Powerful Trixie

A supremely talented and gorgeous stage magician that graces the unwashed masses with displays of light and sound.


Trixie is a svelte platinum blonde woman of above average height and a slim figure. A pale, largely unblemished complexion shows only a small beauty mark to the right and below her bottom lip. She often wears haute couture during performances, usually extravagant Franco-Prussian designs, in keeping with magician’s tradition – and very rarely will don more risque clothing as needed for the audience. For more traditional shows, a simpler ruffled blouse with cufflinks, a red bow-tie, and a tailed black tuxedo jacket and top-hat is worn. A wand, high-heeled shoes, and stockings round out the costume. Outside of the stage, she prefers casual business attire or light sundresses as weather permits.

human mage
325 BP total

ini 4
stun 10
physical 9

attrib val BP

body 2 10
agility 2 10
reaction 1 0
strength 2 10
charisma 5 40
intuition 3 20
logic 2 10
willpower 5 40
magic 5 40
resonance 0 0
essence 6 0
edge 2 0

qualities BP
Magician 15
Mentor Spirit (Seductress) 5 2d Illusion, +2d Con, (WPCHA 3) vs Vice
SINner 2 (10) famous stage magician
Gremlins (5) Trixie has bad luck with complex technology
Spirit Affinity (Air) 10 air spirits find Trixie fascinating

black magic
combat: fire
detection: water
health: earth
illusion: air
manipulation: man
drain: willpower+charisma

skills val BP
Counterspelling 3 *
Ritual spellcasting 3 *
Spellcasting 5 8
con 5 8
etiquette 3 *
leadership 3 *
negotiation 3 *
medicine 3 12
palming 2 8
escape artist 2 8

high society 4 *
arcana 4 *
business law 4 *
mafia politics 3 *

Lightning Bolt
Magic Fingers
Detect Magic
Physical Barrier

Magic Wand (Foci 4, Power): Made of ivory of some kind with a glass or crystal filling a hollow cavity, very old, passed down from Trixie’s mother, apparently hand-made.

Contact (Inf 5, Loy 2): Roy Earle
Contact (Inf 4, Loy 3): Henry Fontaine


Trixie (Beatrix Lux) is the daughter of the equally great and powerful magician Midnight (Melaena Lux); a stage performer that wowed crowds of thousands and known world-wide for spectacles of light and sound.

After a period of illness and an early death for her mother, Trixie was afforded prestigious schooling for gifted children as a beneficiary of the estate. While in the care of aunts, uncles, godparents, and grandparents – an unstable home life led her to idolize her mother, and to eventually work tremendously hard to follow in her footsteps into show business.

Largely a success, despite rumors of sordid backroom deals, Trixie mostly entertains as casinos and at society parties in well-kept company among the fashionably elite. Instead of stadiums filled with adoring fans, a large circle of the wealthy tycoons and the politically powerful keep her in the limelight and in the manner of living which she is accustomed to.

And what a manner that is! Trixie is used to the finer things in life and is quite adept at getting them, often becoming irate or irritable when denied. She is boastful, arrogant, and tends to play up society contacts when she needs something, disdaining “honest work” as a chump’s game. For all her abilities, she is very insecure about her reputation and generally is willing to roll the dice when put on the spot. She hold grudges and rarely forgives or forgets any slight, however minor – this often places her on the wrong end of the stick when she bites off more than she can chew.

Contact (Inf 5, Loy 2): Roy Earle, Vice Detective Captain, known through common contacts at
society parties. Roy has dirt on a very large number of fellow officers and politicians and does
not shy away from using that to secure a comfortable lifestyle. Roy has used his contacts to
blackmail countless politicians, businessmen, and film stars to garner bribes and cultivate
influence. His association with the informant Fontaine provides an easy source for cash and
blackmail material while providing low level prostitution and drug busts to ensure loyalty from
his fellow officers and the District Attorney. Trixie acts as an occasional informant of the
more sordid scandals among society’s elite in exchange for information, a gift, or a blind eye.
She is aware of his corruption and holds that as blackmail material to insure loyalty, despite
having little physical evidence of it.

Contact (Inf 4, Loy 3): Henry Fontaine, former actor turned film producer and talent agent. He
hosts many society parties and has affiliations in politics from rubbing elbows with those with
the money for campaign finances. He has a side business of filming underage pornography to sell
under the table. Just enough to inflame rumor and turn a buck, but nothing in the films has any
concrete evidence of who the star is that’s banging the teen or preteen. Since he holds a huge
amount of blackmail material, he gets a pass as a Vice Informant and makes quite a number of
business contracts on threat of exposure. Personally, that’s all business – he’s married to
Brenda Fontaine, a madam that provides escorts to politicians across the state. Consequently,
Henry has a habit of bringing home whatever beautiful starlet catches his eye to use and throw
away. He is infatuated with Trixie as “the one that got away” and is always looking for a way to
secure her favor. Trixie personally dislikes the man on multiple levels, but he holds her
largest booking contract and provides the capital and audiences for her livelihood.

The Great and Powerful Trixie

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